ICAPS 2010 Conference Proceedings


Edited by Ronen Brafman, Héctor Geffner, Jörg Hoffmann, Henry Kautz

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, May 12–16, 2010.
Published by The AAAI Press, Menlo Park, California.

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Preface / ix
Ronen Brafman, Héctor Geffner, Jörg Hoffmann, Henry Kautz

Full Papers

Using Backwards Generated Goals for Heuristic Planning / 2 download PDF file
Vidal Alcázar, Daniel Borrajo, Carlos Linares López

Planning for Concurrent Action Executions Under Action Duration Uncertainty Using Dynamically Generated Bayesian Networks / 10  download PDF file
Eric Beaudry, Froduald Kabanza, Francois Michaud

An Evolutionary Metaheuristic Based on State Decomposition for Domain-Independent Satisficing Planning / 18  download PDF file
Jacques Bibaï, Pierre Savéant, Marc Schoenauer, Vincent Vidal

A Comparison of Algorithms for Solving the Multiagent Simple Temporal Problem / 26  download PDF file
James C. Boerkoel Jr., Edmund H. Durfee

Timeline-Based Space Operations Scheduling with External Constraints / 34  download PDF file
Steve Chien, Daniel Tran, Gregg Rabideau, Steve Schaffer, Daniel Mandl, Stuart Frye

Forward-Chaining Partial-Order Planning / 42  download PDF file
Amanda Jane Coles, Andrew Ian Coles, Maria Fox, Derek Long

When Abstractions Met Landmarks / 50  download PDF file
Carmel Domshlak, Michael Katz, Sagi Lefler

Perfect Hashing for State Space Exploration on the GPU / 57  download PDF file
Stefan Edelkamp, Damian Sulewski, Cengizhan Yücel

Cost-Optimal Factored Planning: Promises and Pitfalls / 65  download PDF file
Eric Fabre, Loig Jezequel, Patrik Haslum, Sylvie Thiébaux

Towards Finding Robust Execution Strategies for RCPSP/max with Durational Uncertainty / 73  download PDF file
Na Fu, Pradeep Varakantham, Hoong Chuin Lau

Coming Up With Good Excuses: What to do When no Plan Can be Found / 81  download PDF file
Moritz Göbelbecker, Thomas Keller, Patrick Eyerich, Michael Brenner, Bernhard Nebel

Self-Taught Decision Theoretic Planning with First Order Decision Diagrams / 89  download PDF file
Saket Subhash Joshi, Kristian Kersting, Roni Khardon

Classical Planning in MDP Heuristics: with a Little Help from Generalization / 97  download PDF file
Andrey Kolobov, . Mausam, Daniel S. Weld

Pattern Database Heuristics for Fully Observable Nondeterministic Planning / 105  download PDF file
Robert Mattmüller, Manuela Ortlieb, Malte Helmert, Pascal Bercher

Partially Informed Depth-First Search for the Job Shop Problem / 113  download PDF file
Carlos Mencía, María R. Sierra, Ramiro Varela

Action Elimination and Plan Neighborhood Graph Search: Two Algorithms for Plan Improvement / 121  download PDF file
Hootan Nakhost, Martin Müller

Incrementally Solving STNs by Enforcing Partial Path Consistency / 129  download PDF file
Léon Planken, Mathijs de Weerdt, Neil Yorke-Smith

The Joy of Forgetting: Faster Anytime Search via Restarting / 137  download PDF file
Silvia Richter, Jordan T. Thayer, Wheeler Ruml

Handling Goal Utility Dependencies in a Satisfiability Framework / 145  download PDF file
Richard Anthony Russell, Sean Holden

Constraint Propagation in Propositional Planning / 153  download PDF file
Andreas Sideris, Yannis Dimopoulos

Computing Applicability Conditions for Plans with Loops / 161  download PDF file
Siddharth Srivastava, Neil Immerman, Shlomo Zilberstein

A New Approach to Conformant Planning Using CNF* / 169  download PDF file
Son Thank To, Tran Cao Son, Enrico Pontelli

Simultaneously Searching with Multiple Settings: An Alternative to Parameter Tuning for Suboptimal Single-Agent Search Algorithms / 177  download PDF file
Richard Anthony Valenzano, Nathan Sturtevant, Jonathan Schaeffer, Karen Buro, Akihiro Kishimoto

Influence-Based Policy Abstraction for Weakly-Coupled Dec-POMDPs / 185  download PDF file
Stefan John Witwicki, Edmund Howell Durfee

Choosing Path Replanning Strategies for Unmanned Aircraft Systems / 193  download PDF file
Mariusz Wzorek, Jonas Kvarnström, Patrick Doherty

Iterative Learning of Weighted Rule Sets for Greedy Search / 201  download PDF file
Yuehua Xu, Alan Fern, Sungwook Yoon

Improving Determinization in Hindsight for On-line Probabilistic Planning / 209  download PDF file
Sungwook Yoon, Wheeler Ruml, J. Benton, Minh Do


Short Technical Papers

When Policies Can Be Trusted: Analyzing a Criteria to Identify Optimal Policies in MDPs with Unknown Model Parameters / 218  download PDF file
Emma Brunskill

A PDDL+ Benchmark Problem: The Batch Chemical Plant / 222  download PDF file
Giuseppe Della Penna, Benedetto Intrigila, Daniele Magazzeni, Fabio Mercorio

Temporal Planning with Problems Requiring Concurrency through Action Graphs and Local Search / 226  download PDF file
Alfonso Gerevini, Alessandro Saetti, Ivan Serina

Shopper: A System for Executing and Simulating Expressive Plans / 230  download PDF file
Robert P. Goldman, John Maraist

The Scanalyzer Domain: Greenhouse Logistics as a Planning Problem / 234  download PDF file
Malte Helmert, Hauke Lasinger

Waking Up a Sleeping Rabbit: On Natural-Language Sentence Generation with FF / 238  download PDF file
Alexander Koller, Joerg Hoffmann

On Adversarial Search Spaces and Sampling-Based Planning / 242  download PDF file
Raghuram Ramanujan, Ashish Sabharwal, Bart Selman

The More, the Merrier: Combining Heuristic Estimators for Satisficing Planning / 246  download PDF file
Gabriele Röger, Malte Helmert

Genome Rearrangement and Planning: Revisited / 250  download PDF file
Tansel Uras, Esra Erdem

Combined Task and Motion Planning for Mobile Manipulation / 254  download PDF file
Jason Wolfe, Bhaskara Marthi, Stuart Russell



Challenge Papers

G-Value Plateaus: A Challenge for Planning / 259  download PDF file
J. Benton, Kartik Talamadupula, Patrick Eyerich, Robert Mattmuller, Subbarao Kambhampati

Construction Management Applications: Challenges in Developing Execution Control Plans / 263  download PDF file
Nilufer Onder, Amlan Mukherjee, Pei Tang



Invited Speaker Abstracts

Computer-Aided Algorithm Design: Automated Tuning, Configuration, Selection, and Beyond / 268  download PDF file
Holger H. Hoos

Robotic Agents for Disaster Response Robotics / 270  download PDF file
Daniele Nardi

From Automated Verification to Automated Design / 271  download PDF file
Moshe Y. Vardi


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