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Quick Facts

Submission page
Abstracts deadline
11th Dec 2009, 23:59 Samoa time (UTC-11)
Papers deadline
19th Dec 2009, 23:59 Samoa time (UTC-11)
Paper format
Author information
Anonymous submissions, i.e., any information reg authors removed








Paper submission is through the ICAPS'10 EasyChair web site at The site is open for updates of submitted papers, in particular for upload of PDFs. The latter must be done until 19th December, 23:59 Samoa time

To submit a paper, login to the ICAPS'10 EasyChair page as "Author", and click on "New Submission". You will be prompted to enter the administrative data about the paper, in particular the names, affiliations, and email addresses of all authors as well as the physical address for the corresponding author.

You then need to enter (A) the paper title and abstract, (B) its category, (C) its groups, (D) its keywords, and (E) its topics. (B) gives the type of paper -- Full Technical, Short Technical, Challenge, Position. (C) requires to specify: whether the first author is a student; whether the work is suitable for presentation in a joint ICAPS&AAMAS technical papers session; and whether the work is suitable for submission to the demo track (if the reviews confirm the latter, the paper will be fast-tracked for the demos track, meaning the authors will not have to prepare a technical abstract for such a submission).

Like for previous ICAPS conferences, paper submission is anonymous, i.e., the reviewers will not be aware of the names of the authors. For this purpose, the author information on the title page must be removed. We recommend to replace it with the tracking number of the submission. Further, as usual, remove any explicit author references in the text, and refer to your any cited own previous work as if it was the work of somebody else.

Paper submission is in PDF only. To submit only an abstract, you may tick a box provided for this purpose. Abstracts must be submitted by 11th Dec 2009, 23:59 Samoa time (UTC-11) . Papers must be submitted by 19th Dec 2009, 23:59 Samoa time (UTC-11) . In between these two deadlines, paper information (including the paper PDF) may be updated as often as wished. We discourage authors from changing the abstract and title after the initial submission, because that would significantly impede the paper bidding and reviewer assignment phases, which are also scheduled to occur between the two deadlines.